Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Just an update - my web host for my own website has shut down, so while I decide where to go to next, for now, I am just selling items through my Folksy Shop.

I will update of any further changes down the line!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Beauty Around Us

I have often been asked 'how can you get inspired to make something new.?' For me, living in Cumbria simply has a wealth of beauty that is in front of me every time I head out. I simply observe everything that nature has already designed. However, there are some things I would love to see but haven't yet had the pleasure. One dream for me is to see a real-life hummingbird.

However, I have seen plenty of beautiful sunsets, which inspired this necklace; 

I did finally have the pleasure of seeing a bullfinch in real life this summer, which is a bird I had wanted to see since seeing a picture in a ladybird book as a child. So at the tender age of 50, I finally let my desire in and viewed a real-life bullfinch feeding on the seeds of a wildflower in my garden.

The following necklaces are a few of my unique one-off bird necklaces. If you want a bespoke bird necklace then just contact me at sales@spiralfountainjewellery.co.uk or you can purchase my ready-made birds on my website or my Folksy shop.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Sherbert Ice Interview - A New Jewellery Designer

I am delighted to introduce to you the lovely Julie of Sherbert Ice Designs
 I recently spotted her work on Folksy and wondered what inspired her to create such lovely items. So I invited Julie to share with you all a little about herself and her designs in the following interview;
1. Why make jewellery?
Because it's pretty and practical and offers endless opportunities to express yourself and expand your skills

2. What did you have to do/ learn in order to  create your designs?
At the moment I'm pretty focused on polymer clay surface decoration techniques and resin. I use a two part resin and it took me a little while to work up the nerve to try it. I also use a little wire working to make my bails and findings 

3. What has been the biggest challenge in making/selling jewellery?
 I'm pretty new at the selling jewellery part and so far I've only really sold to friends so I guess the challenge for me is  marketing myself. I don't enjoy that part anywhere near as much as the making and the temptation is to let it slide which doesn't really help.  I have a full time job so my other challenge is finding the time to make all the ideas I have whirling about it my head


4.Has any designer been a particular inspiration and why?
Donna Kato is an artist who has written several really comprehensive books on working with polymer clay which I've found very helpful and inspirational. Other artists include Melanie Muir, Julie Picarello and Helen Breil all of who inspire me because they've found their style and stuck with it.  Their work is always instantly recognisable as their own, I'd like to be able find my own style and be recognised for it.

5.What sort of customer do you see wearing your jewellery? 
I think my customers will like to stand out from the crowd, they will want to be seen in something a little different from the everyday high street fare but which is still affordable and stylish.

6.What further aspirations do you have as a creator/designer?
I want to develop my metal-smithing skills so I can add my own bezels and accents. If I had the space for a kiln I'd try metal clay which seems to me to be a natural partner for polymer

7.Who are the people you most rely on? 
My friends have always given me great feedback and encouraged me as has my brother.

 8.What is the one thing you think you need most in order to creat and sell jewellery? 
Hmm, I'd probably say the desire to do it - if you have the desire you'll make the time, develop the skills, find the inspiration...


Monday, 19 January 2015

Burns Night at Folksy

I have had the pleasure of attending the occasional Burns Night Suppers, stuffed full with cock a leekie soup,neeps & haggis and then twirled around on the dance floor with ceilidh spirit on board. I hadn't often thought much about how Burns night came into being other than it was something to do with that famous Scottish Poet.

So here's a little history. The first Burns supper was organised by the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burn's friends about 5 years after his death on July 21st. However it was the Burns soceities in the 1800s that later started to establish a celebration on January 25th which was his birth date. It continues to be a quite structured evening with the Haggis being brought in to piped music and then the ode to the haggis read out by someone suitably trained! The menu is a classic affair of cock a leekie soup, haggis neeps and tatties and pudding can be cranachan, with being classically accompanied by lashings of whiskey - perhaps this is why in recent years it has been taken on with such relish South of Border too! Check out Scotland.org's Burns Night Supper Guide!


Helen McCartney designs

For a few more see my pinterest board
 Folksy Burns Night 2015

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fall in Folksy

Well, succumbed to putting the fire on and cosying up close to it, to write this blog. Autumn is in full swing with its wondrous hues of oranges, golds and browns. Unfortunately, so is the Autumn weather with extremes of light breeze and sunshine to horizontal rain! So with the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo headed our way, what better to do than relax and browse through some lovely Autumn inspired pieces by my fellow Folksy crafters?
 (click on the shop name below each item to see it in its store)

Of course there are more than this, so here's a few more..click on the following link at;

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nature's Finest - the Bullfinch

I have only ever seen the beautiful male bullfinch in his splendid salmon pink waistcoat only once. I was completely mesmerized by his dashing colours and knew instantly that he was the next bird I would create in wire. Unfortunately, I can't get a Bullfinch salmon pink wire so my creation has to be proper pink instead! It gives a general impression though, I hope!

They are uncommon visitors to gardens, with a preference for rural gardens close to woodland or scrub. I hope to see one eventually!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Folksy Sunshine and Sand

Earlier this week I was stuck in a grey office, with only a small dismal opaque window & I was in a mood to match my surroundings! However, I could see a ray of sunlight trickling through. It had been a day full of stresses, demands and emotional encounters. So that is exactly the kind of day that my brain will grasp a simple thing like that little ray of sunlight, to start its imaginary journey...far away to somewhere peaceful, white sands, gentle warm breeze, rippling waves and where no one and nothing demands of me. 
Well, this is just a dream as I haven't made it to such a place yet, but my fellow Folksy sellers are full of wonderful items that help 'transport me there'...in my mind at least!
(Click on the name below the photo to visit the appropriate shop.)

And here's a few more on this forum thread; Folksy Talks