Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paua Gold

The top picture is of the first necklace (a gold plated wire wrapped paua shell) that I sold through the local art gallery. It isn't the best of  photos because I hadn't read all the instructions on my lovely point and shoot camera at that stage! Since spending time at Folksy I have since discovered the macro setting on my camera and that best shots are taken outdoors! Hence the comparative second photo which shows a much better, closer & clearer shot of my most recent paua shell necklace, which is in the shop. Still a lot to learn about photography, but it shows what a difference a few tips can make to a complete amateur like me.  So how do you approach a local shop/gallery to get that first sale? Well I can only tell you what I did. Step 1. I collected a few of my best endeavours together in a picnic basket, took one small ( & I mean small!) display bust and just walked in during their opening hours, sidled up to the counter & eventually managed an 'Ahem, I don't suppose I could bother you to ask if you might, well maybe, at least I hope I'm not wasting too much.....'& on I waffled with complete nerves & embarrassment until eventually getting to the point! Luckily for me the lady behind the counter must have felt sorry for this strange looking woman with a basketful of curious boxes. She then asked me how much I wanted to sell them for. Well what a good question...I hadn't thought about that until that point as I hadn't even really believed she would want to take them on!! Step2...except really this should be Step 1...work out your pricing! I guessed a figure pulled from the air & then had a sharp intake of breath when she said that would be great & they would be taking off 33% as their commission. That was the moment I wished I had said something higher!

Blame it on the butterfly

Aaaaaargh...in free fall!Well, at least that's what I thought it would be like once I dared to press the 'publish' button for the first time.
Hmmmn...doesn't seem so bad after all. So how does a middle aged mother with a perfectly good job end up selling handmade jewellery & now finally resigning from a perfectly good job to have more time for this? Must be sheer madness in these recessionary times you must think! Well the photo shows the culprit. That cutesy butterfly is the one to blame for my current madness. A couple of years back the kids wanted to enter the local agricultural show with their best endeavours for gingerbread men & pizzas. So why doesn't Mum join in the fun too? After all there was a jewellery section & Mum had been inflicting her bead & wire inventions on the family for some time, so why not the agricultural show? Weeks later the resulting effort was the butterfly, even twisted by hand because I didn't know about the trick with the drill in those days! I still wonder if those judges realised they had changed someone's life that day when they decided to award the butterfly First Prize. The kids certainly didn't hear the last of it.

Confidence levels zoomed up to unprecedented highs & I approached a local art gallery, convincing them to sell my wares. Fortunately this was before I suddenly had second thoughts once confidence plummeted back to its usual humdinger low levels. Well there was no going back now...

Enough ramblings about me for this post. I'll tell you more once I've dug out more photos. As for other enjoyable things to see on this blog in the near future I've decided to do some occasional features. So watch this space for;
1. Cutest dog pictures (I love them & have 2 beasties of my own)
2.Folksy items of the week ( this will be for other sellers, not my stuff!)
3.Favourite jewellery tool or bead
4. Makes me chuckle or smile quote/photo

OK, I admit I'll occasionally be promoting my own jewellery & folksy shop too...let's be honest, this blog
wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for having the on line shop!