Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paua Gold

The top picture is of the first necklace (a gold plated wire wrapped paua shell) that I sold through the local art gallery. It isn't the best of  photos because I hadn't read all the instructions on my lovely point and shoot camera at that stage! Since spending time at Folksy I have since discovered the macro setting on my camera and that best shots are taken outdoors! Hence the comparative second photo which shows a much better, closer & clearer shot of my most recent paua shell necklace, which is in the shop. Still a lot to learn about photography, but it shows what a difference a few tips can make to a complete amateur like me.  So how do you approach a local shop/gallery to get that first sale? Well I can only tell you what I did. Step 1. I collected a few of my best endeavours together in a picnic basket, took one small ( & I mean small!) display bust and just walked in during their opening hours, sidled up to the counter & eventually managed an 'Ahem, I don't suppose I could bother you to ask if you might, well maybe, at least I hope I'm not wasting too much.....'& on I waffled with complete nerves & embarrassment until eventually getting to the point! Luckily for me the lady behind the counter must have felt sorry for this strange looking woman with a basketful of curious boxes. She then asked me how much I wanted to sell them for. Well what a good question...I hadn't thought about that until that point as I hadn't even really believed she would want to take them on!! Step2...except really this should be Step 1...work out your pricing! I guessed a figure pulled from the air & then had a sharp intake of breath when she said that would be great & they would be taking off 33% as their commission. That was the moment I wished I had said something higher!

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  1. I'm following you now... good luck, it's looking good

    Jan x