Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blooming Bouquets of Jewellery

After I'd sold that first necklace I relaxed back for a few months waiting for that monthly cheque. Oh yes, I had it cracked now.Even one very kind visitor to the gallery ordered a dozen of the flower necklaces & another lady asked me for items for her garden shop. I scurried out  to get a small book for all these massive orders to go in. Well, you can imagine my surprise when the order book remained empty & the cheques were rapidly diminishing. So what was a handmade jewellery seller to do?

Let's be honest, I'm really a curl up & craft quietly sort of person, not a loud and look at me salesperson & what do you mean marketing? Driven by the desire to create more masterpieces, though, I realised that I would need more supplies, which required more money, which could be obtained by selling more of  the said masterpieces. I had to act. First thought was to do what I did before...just walk up to the counter in a shop....but would that work a second time?

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