Wednesday, 15 June 2011

No Idea

Sound in the knowledge that I had already persuaded one shop to sell my handmade jewellery, I eagerly set off in search of another.However, no messing about this time, I knew what minimum price I was going to charge. Hopefully, if all went well I would be returning home minus the jewellery & with a fat cheque to put in the bank. All went well at first in the craft shop that I had entered. A kindly lady made appropriate 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' at my jewellery. I knew I had it clinched .... until her final statement.

'Well, I don't have room for them at the moment, but I'll call you...oh, and of course it is sale or return. I smiled & noddded knowingly.  'Of course,' I replied. Holding my composure, I departed the shop, not revealing one sign that my brain was busy rattling around the question of SALE OR RETURN! What the heck was that? I drove away with no fat cheque, no orders & no idea what she had meant.

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