Thursday, 23 June 2011

Reject rejection

Well after being turned down by 2 more shops I went for a third one in desperation. She loved the jewellery, but also shook her head. 'It's just too extravagant & expensive for us...our customers are just looking for cheap stuff.' I looked around the shop. She was was the cheap souvenir type place.
Despondent and dejected I returned home.
Well you have to question why you're being rejected. It's not a time to sit down, feeling sorry for oneself. So when I asked my self that question, I came up with some learning points;
1. Shopkeepers want to know what they can sell it at...not just what you want for it (but you do need to know your borttom line if you want to earn a living.)
2.Having evidence of it selling at a certain price is really, really useful.
3.Don't try and sell it to a shop that just doesn't sell the level of item that you're making.
4.Have some great photos of your jewellery to hand, so they don't forget how wonderful it was after you've left.
5. Mark ups can vary greatly.
6.Swot up on some useful business terminology in a book/website ...or an exceedingly useful blog like this one!!

So how did I overcome the dilemma of a very short track record of sales versus convincing shops that my jewellery really can sell? Watch for the next blog & you'll find out!

1 comment:

  1. I admire that you haven't given up, I'm sure you will soon find the right location for your jewellery.

    Looking forward to the next 'instalment'

    Jan x