Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Taking the plunge

So despite an initial flicker in the life of my teeny handmade jewellery business it seemed like I had drifted to a halt.What now? Needed to prove to the shops that my jewellery sells at certain price level. So I need some lovely customers to buy some! Now why depend on someone else to provide customers, especially if they're not motivated to take good care of your precious items. However, bank is emptier than a biscuit barrel left in the care of my kids. So what is the cheapest & low risk way to meet the lovely customers?
The photo is the answer...invest in a gazebo, a buffet table and appropriate insurance & then contact any local county shows to see which ones you can attend. The first time was another 'aaargh!' jump off the cliff moment, but  armed with assistance from long suffering hubbie, a calculator, petty cash, & sandwiches it was well worth it. You finally get to meet the customers yourself & even sell a few things too. Initially underestimated how much prep though ..all that labelling, listing, deciding on displays etc! Be prepared & watch the weather forecast! Managed to breath some life back into the business, but left with nagging question put to me by several customers,

'I don't have the money on me today, but do you have a website?' Well that's another good question isn't it!

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