Sunday, 5 June 2011

What name was it?

 So I'd actually convinced a gallery/ shop to display some of my items & even give me a slice of the money if anything sold. It felt like hitting the lottery jackpot when that first small cheque wafted it's way through the letterbox. So this was it....the business had started. Well it has if you think you might actually ever sell more than one!

So that's another important milestone in the fledgling life of a handmade jewellery seller. Fortunately I had already done some self employed work with the 'proper job' so I was already registered self employed, paying appropriate National Insurance & had an accountant. However, if you're completely new to this in the UK check out the rules first. Great guidance is at;

Only thing is now you've got to give yourself a name.So believing I was unique I just used my own name at first, but have you ever facebook searched your own name?...Ok well maybe not so unique after all! ! Now you've got to put your thinking cap on at this point. Any name you want should help computer searches for your business & maybe reflect a bit of you. Only problem when I thought up loads of wonderfully brilliant ingenious names was when I googled them...darn it, someone else had already had the same ingenious idea!

I settled on Spiral Fountain Jewellery as it didn't come up on google (except with garden ornaments!) & I do love spirals if you hadn't already noticed from my wire work. Well choosing the name of your business is pretty daunting...let's be honest you may be stuck with it forever, akin to getting married! On the subject of which, did you notice the photos?( if you haven't what have you been looking at?!!) I can provide custom made wedding jewellery

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