Sunday, 24 July 2011

My 'Folksy lesson number one'..the photo

Folksy sounded just the sort of thing a complete computer novice like me needed.Somewhere to list, link you in with paypal for payments etc. Great stuff! However, after hours of reading through their info, I came to realise that I still needed good photos. My camera had been gathering dust as I could point and shoot, but didn't know much about close ups. All my photos of jewellery were, to date, blurry, grey & distinctly amateur-I certainly wouldn't buy from one of them. So Folksy lesson number one was to read all their tips on photography and ask questions on their forums. Here's where I learnt about using simple backgrounds, doing shots outside or in a light box etc. Then get out the cheap digital camera, read the instructions for the first time ever & play with it lots! Find the macro setting & trial all its other settings, including leaving the automatic flash off! Lets be honest at least the digital age means all those 'oops' pictures can be deleted immediately.

 Then get someone who knows how to upload pictures to the computer, or read camera instructions again!(plenty of help on line or in local photo/computer shops for this) & file them under a name where you can find them! Finally your photographing skills will go from this...
 to this....

You wouldn't want to buy from the seller in the first picture, but you would the second picture...even though the item & seller are the same! It's all in the photo.


  1. Oooh, nice photos, I like! It's amazing the difference spending a bit of time (or a lot in my case!) makes to photos :D

  2. Well done. . . I need to spend more time with my camera. I often only get to take pictures in the evening when the little people are asleep so that does make it awkward at times.

  3. Yep there's no quick way with this! It's definitely unpaid time, but worth the effort!