Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Womb cancer fundraising jewellery

Just want to re highlight that  Folksy shop Buteartism  is helping organise items for the Womb Cancer Research facebook page holding an auction later this month to raise funds for womb cancer research.

  • In 2007, 7,536 women in the UK were diagnosed with uterine cancer.
  • Uterine cancer caused 1,741 deaths in the UK in 2008.                                                                        ( details from Cancer Research UK) 

This necklace of mine will be up for grabs, but so too will a lot of other lovely items so whether you want to donate or buy an auction item please check out;

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Folksy lesson number 4...forums

So you're all set with lovely items, photographed & ready to list. You've set your postage, prices & terms & conditions & bared your soul in a profile. Ready to list that first item on Folksy & go live? I was itching to get started and pressed ahead using the Folksy basic function for the shop heading. Only trouble was, it did look pretty basic, especially compared to other shops. Oh groan, how could I sort out a more professional looking banner? Mrs 'Computer-what-no-know-how' hadn't got a clue on this one. Tried a web search for graphic designs, but all way too expensive. I had noticed on the folksy support pages, though, that they encouraged use of the 'forum'. I'd never used a forum before my whole life, as when reading some of them there were a few folk who seemed to have very strong opinions & get very excited! As for me, far too shy  & stuck for words normally...but had to sort out the banner. The really obvious answer was to ask the shops who had banners already...just how did they do it? So  I took the plunge and posted the question. Amazing, within minutes I had all the answers I needed & a very economical banner..sorted! So if you're new to Folksy, what are you waiting for? Use the forums, especially on Folksy, as it is very friendly and unintimidating. No matter how thick & dumb you feel, you've got to ask AS THAT WAY YOU LEARN! However, remember folksy has various ways of utilising the forums for the best. For example;
folksy forums
forum promotion
forum advice

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Folksy Item of the Week...Moons

This beautiful and ethereal lady is by Adam Shaw who has very clearly developed his own unique style to his gorgeous pictures. Find him at ;

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Folksy lesson number 3...postage

So the next phase in setting up a Folksy shop is to know a bit about postage. I'd been selling in the real world for a while but had only ever had to post something once which was a large one off order.  I browsed through loads of other folksy shops to get some idea, but was met with such a dazzling array of prices I only confused myself further!
So I went to the good old reliable post office website.
Post office sending uk parcels

This explained a great deal and I began to realize what a difference the size of my jewellery, their boxes & their weight comes into play! That's why beautiful as the magnetic hematite is, in the picture, I haven't listed any of the larger necklaces in my shop as they  put too much strain on the postage cost!
Pros and cons to including the postage in the overall cost when you list, but I opted for this because I know how annoyed I get when I see something I like, think I can afford it and then only to be surprised by a large postal cost. The down side is your item can appear more expensive on thumbnails than someone who lists their postage separately, but may actually cost more overall.

International postage is a tricky area..how much do you trust it to just go airmail without signing or tracking, but both these can add a lot to postage charges. I suppose it just depends on the overall value of your goods. Don't forget your customer may also have import taxes to pay, but this varies greatly so is generally up to the customer.Post Office Sending International packages

Friday, 12 August 2011

Folksy item of the week...knittted

Following on the theme of knitting, here's a more traditional use of knitting needles! This lovely girls sweater is by http://www.folksy.com/users/LittleOwls so please take a look at her shop!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tool of the month August 2011

Yes, that's right...my tool of the month is the humble knitting needle. They are great for making jump rings as they come in all sorts of sizes, smooth & uniform and with a pointed end so the coils slip off easily. I wouldn't be without them!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Folksy lesson number 2...the legal stuff

The next great advantage of starting on line selling with a site like Folksy is discovering the legal aspects. In reading through the Folksy blurb on selling with Folksy, there is some really useful information and links regarding copyright law, terms & conditions and most importantly distance selling regulations. This is a must read for all newbies to selling on the internet. Unfortunately, it is a bit waffly, but the important points are that you must display your terms & conditions & that customers do have a right to cancel/return up to 7 working days things they don't want and expect a refund of not just the item, but the original postage.There are some exceptions, but check out these links to see more;
distance selling regulations
Folksy information
So I was a step closer to opening my Folksy shop after reading through that lot. Phew, good job I read them as could easily have slipped up there!