Thursday, 4 August 2011

Folksy lesson number 2...the legal stuff

The next great advantage of starting on line selling with a site like Folksy is discovering the legal aspects. In reading through the Folksy blurb on selling with Folksy, there is some really useful information and links regarding copyright law, terms & conditions and most importantly distance selling regulations. This is a must read for all newbies to selling on the internet. Unfortunately, it is a bit waffly, but the important points are that you must display your terms & conditions & that customers do have a right to cancel/return up to 7 working days things they don't want and expect a refund of not just the item, but the original postage.There are some exceptions, but check out these links to see more;
distance selling regulations
Folksy information
So I was a step closer to opening my Folksy shop after reading through that lot. Phew, good job I read them as could easily have slipped up there!


  1. Thank you for posting these links. It's useful to know. I'll check that it's in my policies

  2. All useful information to know, thank you for posting the links.

    Jan x