Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Folksy lesson number 3...postage

So the next phase in setting up a Folksy shop is to know a bit about postage. I'd been selling in the real world for a while but had only ever had to post something once which was a large one off order.  I browsed through loads of other folksy shops to get some idea, but was met with such a dazzling array of prices I only confused myself further!
So I went to the good old reliable post office website.
Post office sending uk parcels

This explained a great deal and I began to realize what a difference the size of my jewellery, their boxes & their weight comes into play! That's why beautiful as the magnetic hematite is, in the picture, I haven't listed any of the larger necklaces in my shop as they  put too much strain on the postage cost!
Pros and cons to including the postage in the overall cost when you list, but I opted for this because I know how annoyed I get when I see something I like, think I can afford it and then only to be surprised by a large postal cost. The down side is your item can appear more expensive on thumbnails than someone who lists their postage separately, but may actually cost more overall.

International postage is a tricky area..how much do you trust it to just go airmail without signing or tracking, but both these can add a lot to postage charges. I suppose it just depends on the overall value of your goods. Don't forget your customer may also have import taxes to pay, but this varies greatly so is generally up to the customer.Post Office Sending International packages


  1. I am the same. I include it all in the overall cost. If an item sells off Folksy to someone local that is listed I knock off the postage but keep the listing fees inc as of course it was listed. It is such a minefield of things to remember when listing items. xx

  2. Postage. grr causes so many problems as know myself when buying items the high postage costs can put me off but at same time my journals aren't cheap to post.
    I have capped postage but sometimes do end up out of pocket :o(

    {Dab and a dash.}