Friday, 30 September 2011

Folksy Item of the week..feathers

Chickens are busy shedding feathers everywhere & looking darn scruffy for their efforts. However this means there are lots of feathers for doing crafty things with. So that was the theme for this week's Folksy item(s) of the week!

Thanks to dottiedesigns

And also some less feathered birds that remind me of my chickens!
Thanks to clootielugs

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Feeling Sad & Happy!

Well. the day has finally come when my first lot of delistings has occurred on Folksy. Feeling sad as there were more items unsold than I'd expected!! Here they are;

Ever the eternal optimist, though, I'm probably going to list them all in my new website, which is so nearly ready! So watch out soon for
Hence me being happy too!!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Folksy item of the week..cakes!

After totally indulging this week in a cream filled chocolate eclair, I decided to have a theme this week for the Folksy Item of cakes...only this time it wouldn't be a waistline buster as food  is not allowed on Folksy! Check out these lovely 'cakes'. You have to look twice to realise these are actually cards by PopUpZoo !!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why wire jewellery?

I can't remember exactly how it happened , but it was one of those little Amazon tricks where upon searching for something completely unrelated, they showed me a picture of a book on Bead & Wire Art Jewelry by J.Marsha Michler. Captivated by the pretty bracelet on the cover, I totally succumbed to purchasing it. However after some ham-fisted attempts with a pair of pliers out of my husband's tool box & a reel of garden wire, I let the book gather dust for a couple of years. Noticing some pretty coloured craft wire in a shop then rejuvenated my interest & this time after investing ( a few pounds!) in a pair of round nose pliers, I finally 'got the bug' & haven't been able to stop twisting & twirling pieces of wire since!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Apples of Autumn...Folksy item of the week

Brrrr...Autumn winds and rain already here, but at least the apples are falling off the trees in my garden, ripe & ready for apple crumbles & pies galore! So that was the theme this week.There are plenty of gorgeous apples on Folksy, but this apple tree caught my eye as it is such unusual jewellery. These lovely unique pendants are by AileenClarkeCrafts created using wet felting & needle felting techniques. Check out her shop to see more.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Folksy Item(s) of the Week..Rivers

Rain , rain & more rain has been filling up the Cumbrian rivers again, so that was the theme this week. However, there are so many lovely rivers on Folksy that I couldn't choose just one this week! So everyone who posted me is here today, but please check out their links as they have plenty of other gorgeous items in their shops.
With thanks to CreativeTreasures

With thanks to ClootielugsArtshop

With thanks to LavenderGeorge

With thanks toLittleOwls

With thanks to michelewebberprints

And last ( but certainly not least!), thanks to Wellydoggallery;

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Folksy lesson number seller tips

There is so much to read about Folksy & so many forum discussions that it took me a long time to realise all the good things that I wish I had known in that first month as a new seller. I certainly didn't make the most of it, so here's a few tips so that other newbies may have a better start! It's by no means an exhaustive list as I'm still learning!
(the bumble bee pendant used in this wire work necklace is by JB Glass Designs of the USA)

1. Your new listings appear on front page as new seller for first month. After that they may not appear on the front page..maybe only on second page of handmade which makes a big difference! So list lots in that first month so people browsing stand a chance of seeing you.

2. As mentioned previously get on the forum...check this thread ( which I didn't notice until too late!)Folksy forum thread for newbies

3. Also learn how to post an image on the forum. Can take a lot of effort, but well worth it. You can then join in easily with what you listed today threads etc. which all help to create your on line presence.

4.Visit other shops & favourite the ones you like, they may even return the favour, especially if they are new too. Chatting on the forum also helps favouriting

5. Naming photos ..helps improve your SEO (search engine optimisation), check this link on the folksy blog SEO tips

6. Get google shows you how many (or in my case how few!!) people are visiting and where analytics

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Folksy item of the week..storms & lightening

Recently travelling back through a thunderstorm really heightened my awareness of how scary & yet magnificent electrical storms are, especially when a full air to ground strike happened not too far in front of our car! So that was the theme this week...

This beautiful  & unusual pendant is by Lizzyanthus & is their chakra enegy vortex...or tornado for short! Reminds me of that lightening strike that dazzled my eyes too!