Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Feeling Sad & Happy!

Well. the day has finally come when my first lot of delistings has occurred on Folksy. Feeling sad as there were more items unsold than I'd expected!! Here they are;

Ever the eternal optimist, though, I'm probably going to list them all in my new website, which is so nearly ready! So watch out soon for
Hence me being happy too!!!


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  2. Hi Nicky, it's me again Lesley from Wishes. I'm your latest follower and just had to say how talented I think you are. Your photos are as stunning as your jewellery, do you take the pix yourself? fabulous xx

  3. Yes, but I have to take an awful lot of duff shots to get one good one! The Folksy forums are a great place to get good advice on photos too...I'm still learning!

  4. Really beautiful :) My favourite is the snowflake obsidian necklace, though they're all very pretty! xx