Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why wire jewellery?

I can't remember exactly how it happened , but it was one of those little Amazon tricks where upon searching for something completely unrelated, they showed me a picture of a book on Bead & Wire Art Jewelry by J.Marsha Michler. Captivated by the pretty bracelet on the cover, I totally succumbed to purchasing it. However after some ham-fisted attempts with a pair of pliers out of my husband's tool box & a reel of garden wire, I let the book gather dust for a couple of years. Noticing some pretty coloured craft wire in a shop then rejuvenated my interest & this time after investing ( a few pounds!) in a pair of round nose pliers, I finally 'got the bug' & haven't been able to stop twisting & twirling pieces of wire since!


  1. I know what you mean! I was frustrated with feeling limited by using mass produced findings then someone bought me Bead On A Wire by Sharilyn Miller and I got the wirework bug too!

  2. I have that book too now!..although I haven't ventured into liver of sulphur yet. Is it straightforward to use?