Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Feather earrings...How to make

I showed you one of my little chicks a while back. Well they are all fully grown now & have recently also shed their feathers...which is a great source of some free items to turn into jewellery! Earrings are easiest & the same technique can also be used to create a simple pendant. There are several ways to attach feathers to earrings, but this uses simply wire.

Step 1

Choose 3  (6 for a pair) of suitable feathers that would make a desirable item. Take some 0.6mm  or 0.8 mm gold plated wire ( whichever you feel more comfortable twisting with) You also need a pair of gold plated ear hooks.

Step 2

Check the ends of the feathers. If the bare end is too long, then cut with snips. You only need a few mm of bare end.


Then cut approximately a 10cm  length of the gold plated wire. Take the mid point and twist it by hand initially around the bare ends of the feather held together. This is a bit fiddly & if you can use a vice or other to hold the feathers, it releases your two hands to pull on the wire. Ideally then use pliers to pull the wire as tight as possible in order to ensure the feather ends are gripped tight & will not fall out.


Then take the upper end wire and continue to wrap it around the end of the feathers. If the feather ends look too long to wrap the wire, whilst allowing a couple of cm's of wire still for the loop, then just trim the ends down further.


Using flat nose pliers, twist the end wire 90 degrees up from the feather end. Then using round nose pliers loop the wire around & finally wrap the end of the wire below the loop to meet with the coils around the feathers.


Once you have done this , then turn to the other lower end of the wire. Wrap it until it is at the 'front' of the earring and then twist with flat nose pliers 90 degrees downwards. Then using round nose pliers form a spiral shape and press the wire so that it is lying flat with the feather.


Take your fish hook ear hook & open the end as shown. Link it through the loop you created on the feathers. Close carefully & 'voila!' You have a feather earring! Obviously you have to repeat the process for the second earring. You can vary the feathers or wire used to create a whole set of different earrings.

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  1. Great idea to use feathers and great tutorial to inspire crafty people :-)