Sunday, 13 November 2011

Slump & Splurge..the cycle of a wire jewellery artist!

Slump & splurge...both the curse & the joy of being a creative type. I definitely hit my 'slump' earlier this week. Probably a combination of factors- not too well, demands of family, job, sales at rock bottom. It's just too easy to then switch off...& even stop creating. Couldn't even look at my wire or pliers, lest they heave more guilt upon me. I simply stopped........

Maybe that's what my body & mind needed, though. Because within days, I suddenly awoke with my 'zing' again! The 'splurge' then arrived like a tidal wave. A zillion ideas of what you WANT TO DO, not what you must do, swirls in your head & so no matter what time of day or night it is, you're back creating avidly again! Yippee for the splurge - it's like riding a great wave & hoping the beach doesn,'t arrive too soon!

So I'm on the wave at the moment;

Finished 'wire wolf'

Brought fire breathing dragon to life!

Created 'wee Robin' - remember a robin is for life, not just for Christmas

Eons behind everyone else, I've finally started work on a Christmas item. No, it's not a star! It's going to be a poinsettia.
Well, off to 'splurge' some more!!


  1. Beautiful Items, specially like the Wolf and Dragon
    Jax x

  2. your doggie icon. Maybe I should have a go at doing 'a dog' next!

  3. Oh my goodness, that dragon is amazing :D I mean, they're all good, but that dragon is really awesome - I LOVE the flames!

  4. Glad you like him, thinking of doing some more but in different colours!

  5. wow these are amazing, im currently working with wire in one of my subjects and they arent as good as your work. brilliant dragon btw c:

  6. Thanks for your kind comment Sophie. Just keep practicing, you get better with time!