Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Easy to get online shop - Easysite Solutions

Well, Folksy was my starting point in the on line world but I'm just one teeny shop in a whole mass of others there & of course there's all the fees, restrictions on what you can list etc. So it's no surprise that most of us dream of our own website...where you choose what to list, it can hang out there for as long as it needs to, you can move things around, change the front page etc. Oh, yes, that's what's needed! Only drawback is if you're like me.....of an age where computers didn't arrive in school until after I'd left, terrified of all nerdy type computer language & HOW MUCH to pay someone to do the website for me!! Well, getting a website may seem an insurmountable task.
So that's when a social media site like facebook comes in handy because you start to learn about companies that give you the option of setting up the website at a much cheaper price, but 'holding your hand' to do it. So that's where Easysitesolutions came in for me.

At first it all looked a bit complicated, but working my way gradually through all the know how on the forum or simple emailing when I got stuck, finally lead to success. It took about 1 month to develop

Not only has it helped a complete computer un- nerd like me set up a website, there's a growing number of others who have done the same & they're all well worth a visit;

Click on each of the shop names & you will be linked to their shops & can see just what is possible for building your own website with a bit of help & not too much expense!

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  1. Great post. I plan to set up my own website eventually.