Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tigers Eye Treasure

Wire on its own can be used to create beautiful jewellery, but with the addition of beads the array of possibilities is endless. Beads have been created for a long time, maybe 100,000 years or more. From shells, to wood, glass, bone, plastic, clay & gemstones both precious & semiprecious. For this latter group there have been  long held beliefs as to their magical properties, which for many remain strongly held beliefs even today. Gemstones will always be held in high regard for use in jewellery, not just for their beauty, but for those other unseen properties. What better jewellery to wear, than something that can enhance & empower you.
So I thought I'd have a closer look at many of these stones.The first one is the Tigers Eye.

Tigers eye is a type of quartz embedded with tightly packed bands of the mineral amphibole. It is rich in browns, golds & sometimes reds. Not surprisingly its name derives from its stripes, so like that of a tiger's.

Many believe that the tigers eye can focus the mind & give clarity of thought. Legend has it that it is a psychic protector & Roman soldiers wore it for protection on their travels. It is believed to boost self esteem and endow someone with courage. You can understand the appeal of this to a Roman soldier!
It can be found in South Africa, Namibia, USA, Canada, India, Burma & Western Australia

This last bracelet has been mixed with copper wire & jasper beads..such warmth all together. I can picture & Roman lady wearing this, having being sent it by her husband to ensure her safe travel until they can finally be together again.

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  1. I love tigers eye it is one of my favourite stones. I have a beloved ring from when I was young with a beautiful piece of tigers eye in it and have loved it ever since, thanks for the information, very interesting