Saturday, 28 January 2012

Flowers for Gifts

The giving of flowers drifts back into the haze of centuries gone by. There's very few of us that haven't at some point given flowers as a gift to someone. Archaeologists have found traces of flower petals in prehistoric graves. There are records of flowers been given  in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Have you heard of the Language of Flowers? This was a Persian tradition of using flowers as a message , which the enemy would not perceive or understand. The Victorians took this on & developed floriography, continuing to use flowers as messengers, but more to discreetly express feelings. The red rose implied passionate romantic love. So this Valentine's Day you can really say it with flowers!

Here's a gallery of some of the less 'wilty' forms of flowers that can be given as gifts. There's plenty more on Folksy & you can see some more on this thread;


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Valentines Day Gallery

Well as ususal, Folksy have failed to recognise my immense & wholly unrecognised talents & haven't placed one single one of my valentines items in the valentines scroll down section. Ah well, such is the lot of many of us 'artistes'!! 
So what better than to show my own Valentines Gallery on this blog! Next week I'll feature some other sellers, but for once it's all about Spiral Fountain Jewellery...errrh, well, that's just me!

OK....FORCED TO EDIT AS FOLKSY HAVE NOW INCLUDED ME!...ooops!!...well enjoy the gallery anyway!!


Thursday, 19 January 2012


Red Coral Earrings at SpiralFountainJewellery

It's quite amazing just how 'red' the shops go in the build up to Valentines Day. Red hearts & flowers abound everywhere. It is a sumptuous eye catching colour & there are plenty of facts & myths about 'red.'

The Red stripes of the US flag apparently stand for courage

Welcome plaque byHandcraftedbyPicto

Bulls are colour blind so they can't get angry at the site of red!

In China Red is lucky and so the colour of choice for brides, & also associated with summer, fire & the South.

Japanese folk belief is that red is the colour for repelling demons & disease.

The red planet is Mars - it is abundant in iron oxide.

Red jasper keyring of NOfkantsCurios

Our blood runs red because of oxygenated haemaglobin.

Card from DeesDesigns

In Sweden the Falun red ( a pigment from Falun mine) was reserved for the rich & priveleged.

Notebook by Fiona T

In India a red mark on the forehead is for good luck.

Neolithic hunters placed red ochre in the graves of the deceased.

Red bed clothes were used in Germany up to the middle ages to protect against 'RED ILLNESSES' such as rashes.

Red spotty bag byJuniperSpools

Roman brides wore a fiery red veil, the flammeum, which stood for love & fertility.

Bracelet by PuttingontheCharms

Israelites painted the doorframes with red blood to scare demons.

Mirror by JoSara

In nature a warning sign, the opposite of being camouflaged. Red beware!

In ancient Egypt the colour red was of the destructive god Seth. The Egyptian charm states ''Oh, Isis deliver me from the hands of all bad, evil, red things.

Bag by KatesCurios

Effects of the colour red - stimulates energy & confidence.

Cushions from AudreysCat

The first Chakra base of the spine - allows you to be grounded & improve trust.
Necklace by CreativeTreasures

The red gemstones - ruby, garnet, red jasper, red fire opal, rubellite, spinel & haematite the blood stone.

Bracelet by Bonny Lass

Flushed red lips & cheeks a sign of arousal, so red lipstick & rouge employed for thousands of years to allure.

Make up bag by BoobooBags

 Why are fire engines red? Well they need to stand out from the crowd!

Eric the Red is the Norwegian viking believed to have colonised Greenland.

T shirt by Streets of Beige

Edible red - apples, tomatoes, peppers, cranberries, strawberries, cherries & redcurrants - source of some of our healthiest foods.

Waterclour byOak Apple & Rose

Flowers attract bees with vibrant red
                           Journal bydabdash

Jewellery by novembergarden

Corsage by Paula's Creations

Psychological associations of red  - vibrant, sexy, powerful, aggressive, confident, exciting.

The longest wavelength of light is red & sits there at the top of the rainbow.

Silk scarf from BlueBoxStudio

Red letter days originate from the medieval calendars where feast days, holy days were shown in red. On red letter days, judges of the English High Court wear their scarlet robes at court.

So how many of us will head out today proudly wearing 'red'?

Nature got it right when she realised this was definitely a LOOK AT ME COLOUR!