Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Haematite Heaven

Well, the next bead type I thought we'd have a look at is haematite as this is definitely a favourite stone amongst buyers.

It's formed from iron oxide & is often found where there have been hot springs or volcanoes. Of note it is also rich in the limestone layers of my beloved Cumbria, mined locally at Florence Mine. Haematite can be red when powdered & also appear to 'bleed' when scratched and so its name does derive from the Greek  'haimatites lithos' - blood-red stone. Its red ore is very noticeable on our dogs legs after they've raced through muddied areas which are rich with iron ore

It has been used by man for a very long time, having been found as a residue in graves  80,000 years old. The Egyptians used it for ornamental objects in their tombs. Ochre is a clay with haematite, which dictated how red it was. This red ochre was used in cave paintings. The beautiful oily colours of rainbow haematite come from haematite mined in Brazil.


The amazing property of hematite is its ability to be magnetized. This makes it very popular for jewellery as it it can be worn for its (much debated) magnetic healing properties. Besides the magnetic properties it is believed to provide protection & increase your connection to earth, basically keeping you grounded. Some say it helps promote concentration, clearing your thoughts & so aiding meditation.
It has even been detected on Mars.

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