Saturday, 17 March 2012

Folksy Item of the Week - Fairies

Well, in these recessionary times, there are many sellers resorting to wondering where the sales fairy is. So that is the theme for this week - Fairies.

These mythical & magical beings or creatures have their origins in the mists of Celtic stories. The cute little fairy, complete with wings, which we see depicted today do not necessarily relate to their old world image of being part of 'the dead' or demoted angels. Therefore more noted for being mischievous or malicious, especially kidnapping people & children.Therefore one needed protection from fairies.

One of the most popular forms of protection was cold iron - maybe that's why haematite jewellery is so popular! Other means to evade the harmful tricks of fairies was to pluck a four leaf clover ( if you're lucky enough to have actually found one!), lying still, crosses, bells or hanging an iron horseshoe above your door to stop them entering your house. maybe that's why four leaf clovers are so rare...someone has been plucking them over the centuries! Also growing a Rowan tree near your house was believed to ward them off.

So how do you spot a fairy? Well as their favourite attire is meant to be green, you are going to struggle out in the garden or woods. Watch out for fairy rings- those circles of mushrooms.However, if you just happen to have a stone that has a hole in it created naturally eg: with water flow, then peering through it may just reveal those fairies. You could also just visit Folksy & type in fairies in the search!

There are some good fairies - notably the brownies, who were a household fairy, doing the chores all night if you left them out some food. Clearly that is where I have been going wrong all these years..only leaving out the table scraps as I was too tired to wash up! Better leave the honey pot out tonight...I wonder if a brownie will come before the dog discovers the honey! Apparently they also take off if you give them clothing - was this the inspiration behind a certain house elf in Harry Potter?

So , presumably the sales fairy is a good fairy too , but undoubtedly gets easily offended & takes off too when in a huff.  Well, let's hope she gets over her sulk soon & that someone knows what is needed to entice her back to all those handcrafted sellers out there!


  1. Lots of interesting facts about fairies! I love folklore- we made a house for fairies in the woods once- I wonder if any of them found it! Thank you for including my necklace in your lovely blog!

  2. Ha! I think the sales fairy is in a right huff at the moment:)

  3. Fabulous blog - so interesting - I think I must have inadvertently offended the sales fairy!!!