Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Folksy Pig Sty

Well, the title may sound a bit controversial & I might sometimes think that Folksy mucks things up from time to time, but this is actually just a showcase of some of the cute little piggies that inhabit Folksy. Links to their shops are just below each photo, so have some fun mucking around with some Folksy piggies!

                                                                      Sew Good Pals

There's also a pig pen on pinterest now, so more pigs will be added in due course;

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birds of a Wire

 Several highly unusual birds have started flying in to Spiral Fountain Jewellery. From the rarely seen Kingfisher to a very cute Blue Tit. Each and everyone of them is made of simple wire & the odd bead. Every one of them is painstakingly handcrafted - hours of work! However, every loop of wire is worth the effort to create these unusual pendants, as it helps to bring to life a reminder of these wonderful creatures, surviving in the wild against the odds.

As a member of the RSPB (Royal Soceity for Protection of Birds), I am passionate about our wild birds & love to help them as much as I can. I keep a garden full of shrubs, trees, flowers & provide food & water to help ease the fight they have every year to survive. It is a honour to even vaguely emulate their beauty in my wire pendants.

So, enough are 'The Birds,'

The Blue Tit...a favourite little visitor of our UK gardens & they love to peck away at seeds, nuts, insects & caterpillars

The Goldfinch..our most brightly coloured finch. Nyger seed definitely attracts this one, if it's in the vicinity of your garden. Some migrate to Spain in the winter & they're a very sociable bird...just like us Brits!

The Humming Bird...the tiniest of birds, a hovering specialist with an average wing beat of 70 beats per second! Found naturally in the Americas, but as far North as Alaska & as far South as Chile. This wire humming bird pendant necklace is created using enamelled copper wires.

The Kingfisher...the lover of the riverside, looking for fish & waterside insects. Mostly found in Southern England, but can be spotted further North.

The Swallow..can't wait for this summer visitor to return to our courtyard, nesting in the old barns. I know that the good weather is back then! They love to swoop & dive bomb for insects, with most of their time being on the wing.

The British Jay...I finally saw my first Jay ever, just a few weeks ago. This shy bird prefers to hide in woodland, so it was a real honour to catch a glimpse of one flying past with that distinctive flash of sky blue on its wing.