Thursday, 24 January 2013

How To Get Inspired, no.1 ..It's Icy Out There!

As a bit of a creative type I'm often asked where do I get my inspiration from? Let's be honest, even though most of us in the creative world, live with dozens of ideas most of the time, there are those moments when you seize up. So how do you get the ideas kick started once more?

I thought I'd share with you some of the things I do at times like this & whilst you read this you can also peruse some fabulously inspired items by a few favourite sellers 
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This week, I'm starting with what I do first...
So what's out your window right now? Here in the UK for most, it is a layering of snow, icicles, frost & a few bare twigs of winter trees sticking out & dangling their icicles. Generally speaking - brrrrrrr!
 It's ICY OUT THERE.....

For you it might be different, but have a look out that window again & ask yourself;

1.What colours are there?

2.What shapes dominate the view?

3.Are there curvy lines on most things or straight or jagged? Types of lines are great for ideas with wire jewellery.

4.Nature - what plants, animals & insects are there? What do they look like from a distance, perhaps silhouetted  only & what do they look like on a close up view - a piece of grey fur maybe, or the veins on a leaf?

5.Are there people there? What are they wearing? What are they doing..they might be building a snowman!

6.Are vehicles passing by? What are they like or the people in them like?

7.What's happening in the sky? Layers of colour, ominous dark stormy clouds or small fluffy ones on a background of blue?

8. Are there street lights? Are they tall or small, flickering or still, what colour light is emitting?

9.What's the weather? Is it raining with water gushing down gullies or delicate snowflakes cascading onto the window?

Ann Cawley Jewellery

10.Now look at the ground - what's it made of? Earth, grass, stones, pavements or tiny pebbles layered in snow maybe?

11.Look at your horizon...what shape is it? Maybe it's not just a straight line, but even straight lines can 

12. What's moving out there. Maybe a piece of litter blowing across the ground or a bird's feather floating down?

Now get the pencil & paper out & scribble down some of those ideas until you can develop them into that masterpiece!

Enjoy your inspiration & hope you are all keeping warm!


  1. Excellent post. We all get a block on occasion and that's when its time to get back to basics

  2. Wow what a wonderful post and so inspirational. Nature is inspiration in itself and sometimes so perfect. A block is a creative types way to take a break and look around and marvel at what you can see. All creatives can see things others cannot.

  3. Brilliant post - I've link to it on my blog as well - hope that's okay :)