Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kirstin Moore Jewellery Designer/Maker

Well I've finally got around to doing my first blog interview. So I'm delighted to introduce to you Kirstin Moore - a very talented designer/maker of silver jewellery.

1.What inspired you to choose your path of creating jewellery?

I was at art college and couldn’t make up my mind whether to focus on studying fashion design or three dimensional design. My tutor took me aside and pointed out that every design and piece of work I had make was in fact a cross between both disciplines resulting in jewellery or body adornment. It was like a huge penny dropping and since then I have never looked back!

2.Can you remember the first piece of jewellery that you owned & what was it?
       Yes, it was a small gold rabbit necklace with a gemstone for its eye that my dad gave to me, I think I was about six years old.

3.What have been the most difficult hurdles in becoming a handcraft jeweller?
  I don’t think I had many hurdles in becoming a handcraft jeweller, I took quite practical steps in learning the craft by studying jewellery design and manufacture at university and taking on a manufacturing apprentice. I think becoming an independent jeweller has been hard as you have to fund all of your tools.

4.What are the best things about being a handcraft jeweller?

think one of the best parts about being a handcraft jeweller is seeing your ideas develop into a physical piece, especially when an item has been challenging to make, there is a sense of satisfaction in the final polish! Also, I think jewellery manufacture is one of the nicer aspects to life, people generally want it to signify a special event, or as a gift to someone else or themselves. It is nice to know that you have contributed to something significant to someone else.

5.If you were stuck on a desert island what would be the one jewellers tool you would choose to have & why?
It would have to be pliers- they are a great way to manipulate metal and other materials!
6.What would you give as advice for someone wanting to embark on a handcraft jewellery business?

I would tell them to take their time deciding if it is what they want to do as it is an expensive and competitive industry, and once they have decided they do want to embark on their own jewellery business to do it wholeheartedly- and enjoy it!!

7.What is your most favourite design to date & why?

Personally I like my more concept led pieces such as my Kiss-links which are a pair of cufflinks designed to be a secret kiss given from a fiancé to her husband to wear on their wedding day. I like the fact that the idea led the design and that it gave the couple a little secret for their special day.

8.Is there another jeweller whose work has inspired you & if so who?

I love the work of Shaun Leane who worked a lot with Alexander Macqueen and I have found his work inspirational as I love the way he can create striking and strong yet at the same time delicate pieces of jewellery.
9.What techniques do you use in your work?

 It varies depending on what I am making really. Some pieces are largely forged or cast whilst recently I have been enjoying piercing metal to create silhouettes.

10.Do you have any plans/aspirations for the future?

     I have lots of plans, firstly I have lots of ideas for new pieces and ranges that I am excited to be designing and I also have some great new concept led designs in the pipeline. I also want to continue learning and developing my design and manufacture skills alike as I feel the more knowledge that you have the more exciting and varied your work can be.                    

Thank you Kirstin for sharing some insight into your world!                                                                                          

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spring is coming - Snowdrops

Here's a little something to help you with some inspiration;

'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes' quote by Marcel Proust.