Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fall in Folksy

Well, succumbed to putting the fire on and cosying up close to it, to write this blog. Autumn is in full swing with its wondrous hues of oranges, golds and browns. Unfortunately, so is the Autumn weather with extremes of light breeze and sunshine to horizontal rain! So with the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo headed our way, what better to do than relax and browse through some lovely Autumn inspired pieces by my fellow Folksy crafters?
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Of course there are more than this, so here's a few on the following link at;

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nature's Finest - the Bullfinch

I have only ever seen the beautiful male bullfinch in his splendid salmon pink waistcoat only once. I was completely mesmerized by his dashing colours and knew instantly that he was the next bird I would create in wire. Unfortunately, I can't get a Bullfinch salmon pink wire so my creation has to be proper pink instead! It gives a general impression though, I hope!

They are uncommon visitors to gardens, with a preference for rural gardens close to woodland or scrub. I hope to see one eventually!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Folksy Sunshine and Sand

Earlier this week I was stuck in a grey office, with only a small dismal opaque window & I was in a mood to match my surroundings! However, I could see a ray of sunlight trickling through. It had been a day full of stresses, demands and emotional encounters. So that is exactly the kind of day that my brain will grasp a simple thing like that little ray of sunlight, to start its imaginary journey...far away to somewhere peaceful, white sands, gentle warm breeze, rippling waves and where no one and nothing demands of me. 
Well, this is just a dream as I haven't made it to such a place yet, but my fellow Folksy sellers are full of wonderful items that help 'transport me there' my mind at least!
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And here's a few more on this forum thread; Folksy Talks

Monday, 2 June 2014

Inspirations - of the watery kind

Well, you can't live in wondrous Cumbria and not be totally captivated by some of its watery features. It may have good rainfall, but that is what keeps Cumbria so wonderfully lush and full of such inspiration, providing ample supply of ideas. So if you are stuck for an idea and the rain is pouring down, then just take a look at those droplets hitting the puddles or the rain cascading from the drainpipes. Suddenly that paper in front of you or those beads sitting on the tray can begin to take on a whole new form.

To help you with your ideas here's a selection of some of my watery inspired pieces and some of those Cumbrian locations that really got my mind into gear!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm back!

 Ah well, what can I say or excuse for not writing a blog post in over year! Well it has been due to a fairly explosive change in my personal circumstances, which although painful, I think has now released me onto a wonderful new path :) So hopefully I will get back on track with my  fellow crafter interviews, new makes and generally sharing some wonderful artistic stuff or interesting themes!

So for starters here's is just a piccie of a recent custom order, the classic braid bracelet in copper & gold plated wire.