Sunday, 15 June 2014

Folksy Sunshine and Sand

Earlier this week I was stuck in a grey office, with only a small dismal opaque window & I was in a mood to match my surroundings! However, I could see a ray of sunlight trickling through. It had been a day full of stresses, demands and emotional encounters. So that is exactly the kind of day that my brain will grasp a simple thing like that little ray of sunlight, to start its imaginary journey...far away to somewhere peaceful, white sands, gentle warm breeze, rippling waves and where no one and nothing demands of me. 
Well, this is just a dream as I haven't made it to such a place yet, but my fellow Folksy sellers are full of wonderful items that help 'transport me there' my mind at least!
(Click on the name below the photo to visit the appropriate shop.)

And here's a few more on this forum thread; Folksy Talks


  1. Thank you for including our Avocet.
    Feel like going for a dip now :)

  2. Thank you for including my horse brooch in your chosen items. What a lovely selection. Do hope next week is less grey for you. Elaine x

  3. Oo, thanks for including my Aqua Guest Book. This is a lovely post - I really hope it cheered you up to see all the gorgeous things people suggested on Folksy!
    I'll share on my Facebook page and my own blog - everyone should have the chance of some Sand, Sea and Sunshine!
    Lizzie x

  4. What a lovely collection, thank you for including my little sunset beach :)

  5. Thank you for featuring Le Petit Bijou UK in your blog. I really love the company in which I find myself! I hope everyone enjoys the sun and sand this summer.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, definitely here's to some sun and sand for everyone!

  7. Thanks for including my cuff and spreading the summery feeling!
    Lizzie from Tartan Tree x

  8. It's a little grey here today too (in more ways than one!) so thank you for spreading some colour and brightness. Hope your day is brighter today too :)