Monday, 19 January 2015

Burns Night at Folksy

I have had the pleasure of attending the occasional Burns Night Suppers, stuffed full with cock a leekie soup,neeps & haggis and then twirled around on the dance floor with ceilidh spirit on board. I hadn't often thought much about how Burns night came into being other than it was something to do with that famous Scottish Poet.

So here's a little history. The first Burns supper was organised by the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burn's friends about 5 years after his death on July 21st. However it was the Burns soceities in the 1800s that later started to establish a celebration on January 25th which was his birth date. It continues to be a quite structured evening with the Haggis being brought in to piped music and then the ode to the haggis read out by someone suitably trained! The menu is a classic affair of cock a leekie soup, haggis neeps and tatties and pudding can be cranachan, with being classically accompanied by lashings of whiskey - perhaps this is why in recent years it has been taken on with such relish South of Border too! Check out's Burns Night Supper Guide!


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